Week #97

(Date: 2.9.2013 – 6.9.2013)
The main topic of this week is the preparation of my two talks for next week’s PANDA collaboration meeting in Bochum.

To get a bit into the status of the GPU port of the Triplet Finder algorithm by the NVIDIA Application Lab, I meet with the guy from there on Monday. He shows me around in the code and together we brainstorm, how to continue the work and what the next steps are.

On Thursday I do something crazy: I drive to work by bike. Fun, but a bit exhausting (2 ⋅ 35 km!). Convenient that this is the day with all the meetings. First off, PhD physics seminar, after that IKP and PANDA meeting and then Andrés test talk.

On Friday we have some summer festivities of the institute. It’s nice but, one could have guessed, I’m not yet ready with my talks for the next week. So I can’t celebrate but have to continue preparing slides. Well. Fine, I guess.

For references in my talks I upload all the current GPU tracking algorithms to the PandaRoot SVN. The location is https://subversion.gsi.de/trac/fairroot/browser/pandaroot/development/aherten.

During the week I’m in correspondence with a software developer of FairRoot. I want to update my CMake+CUDA+PandaRoot example to our new CMake structure but fail in doing so my self. On Friday, just in time, the developer finishes. The new structure is much easier — although because of compiler incompatibilities between nvcc and clang, at least on OS X, there is some overheading steering code necessary.
Anyway: It runs.