Getting FairRoot’s External Packages Prerequisites with Homebrew

Homebrew is an amazing tool: It really is the missing package manager for OS X. I like it better than the older MacPorts. It’s also fully based on GitHub, so in this regard a bit more modern.

I have the idea to write a Homebrew formula for FairRoot’s external packages. This is still a bit away, though.
So first, here the prerequisites you need in order to get the external packages running on your blank OS X.

This is tested on a very clean OS X 10.9 Mavericks installation I specially set up in a VirtualBox1.

  1. Install Homebrew:
    Brew will also install Apple’s needed Developer Tools for you.
  2. Install homebrew-cask (for binaries):
  3. Install XQuartz, the X11 successor thingy:
  4. Install gfortran, the GNU Fortran compiler:

You’re now good to go to svn co fairsoft.sources and cd fairsoft.trunk; ./configure.sh2. Be sure to choose installing with Clang.

Sidenote: If you’re just interested in CERN’s ROOT – there’s a Formula for this. Just brew install homebrew/science/root and you are done.

  1. Very small OS-X-VirtualBox-Howto: Download Mavericks from the App Store. Install VirtualBox brew cask install virtualbox. Use iESD to generate a dmg file from the OS X Create a VBox virtual machine for OS X and use generated bootable dmg to install OS X. Done. 

  2. The first thing I usually do: Opening the script and change the install target path so that I can call it with ./ automatic. Huge time saver. 

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