Week #128

(Date: 31.3.2014 – 4.3.2014)
My flight from San Francisco touches German ground at 11:00 on Monday.
From Frankfurt I don’t take the train home but some regional one to Boppard. Why? Because at 14:00 the next meeting starts: A PANDA workshop on data acquisition, front-end electronic, software triggering and all touching topics. So, yes, also tracking.
During the DPG ten days ago I decided I want to show my research status there as well, so I click together my talk at my hostel room, finishing it up in the waiting area at the airport in SF (very business-like). No introduction and some deeper statements – it’s only PANDAs at the workshop.
Right at 17:00 on the first day, with having still SF sand in my shoes1, I have my talk. Being up more than 26 hours straight, my talk is very … calm.
The talk is located here, but due to some potentially critical content set on private. If you want to have a look at it, just contact me for the password2.

The rest of the meeting is also quite interesting, some very deep discussions about the status of our experiment and the route ahead for us.

I’m back in Jülich on Thursday, taking care of all the travel expenses stuff the rest of the week. Fun.

  1. The figurative sand, you know? 

  2. Hint: It’s the usual one…