Week #182+3

(Date: 4.5.2015 – 8.5.2015)
This week has two items on my agenda.

First, I finish the analysis note and upload it to the collaboration’s document server. Initially, this doesn’t work and needs some back-end fixing from the administrator. But finally, everything’s alright.

Second, I read up on Doxygen, the code documentation tool, and start a page in our software wiki on it. During working on my thesis, I found the lack of code documentation really frustrating. The problem might be that people are fearful of using a documentation tool because they do not know how to handle it. Hence a tutorial on Doxygen. Let’s see if I can also hold a talk on that during the next collaboration meeting. I will surely talk as well about my analysis then.

During the institute’s meeting on Thursday we discuss the status of some analyses and I propose to meet up among all the people actually doing analysis. Meet up to discuss and exchange ideas. Let’s see how that goes. The responses were throughout the spectrum of »great« and »meh« and »hmmm«.