The Future

There you have it. Since the 2nd of July, you may call me Dr. Andreas. I myself am still one signature away from doing so, since the dean currently is on vacation.

As the project »My Doctorate« is over, also this blog has finished its purpose.
Well… its original purpose.

You may have noticed that I removed the play on words from the title. Instead of Doktorandi, which was supposed to be a portmanteau between Doktorand (doctorand) and Andi1, the title is now Dr. Andi — which is what I am now2. Yay!

Instead of giving you some insight into the weekly life of a PhD student, I will keep this blog around to note on some random facts from my past and future research.

Also, maybe I’d like to post some \(\LaTeX\) and C++ and CUDA and Doxygen and CMake and … snippets here and there. But let’s see what the future holds.

I’d be happy if you kept connected, though.


  1. Captain Obvious to the rescue! 

  2. Again, modulo a signature. 

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