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Week #182+9

(Date: 15.6.2015 – 19.6.2015)
Since the last couple of weeks already we try to find a date for a defense. The defenses of a colleague in my institute and mine are going to be on the same date – quite awkward, but there’s no other way.

Finally, on Thursday afternoon we get our notice: On this day in two weeks we will both defend. It’s on.

So, for the following two weeks, my menu consists of two courses: Learning (even more intensive than before); and preparing my talk.

Week #182+8

(Date: 7.6.2015 – 12.6.2015)
Sunday morning I start traveling to the airport, to Stockholm, to Uppsala. Everything works alright. First notice that evening: That crazy Swedish night with just barely gets dark! Crazy!

On Monday, the meeting starts.

My talks are both on Tuesday. Both run well.
The analysis talk is pretty much the only report in the session, so I can give myself time beyond the 20 minutes, originally allocated. Some questions, some discussion, but in the end every thing is good. My analysis is pretty much accepted.
The talk on Doxygen had just a handful of interested listeners, but that’s alright. Despite my usage of cute PANDA GIFs…

Another important part of the meeting is us young researchers writing a letter to the ministry on the recent questions in funding of our experiment. It’s quite an effort to write a moving and sound letter on behalf of a whole group of people. But we managed.
Apart from that: Sweden is great. I like it there.

Documenting PandaRoot with Doxygen

Slides: 15
Duration: 20 Minutes
Occasion: Collaboration Meeting
Location: Angstrom Laboratory, Uppsala, Sweden
Date: 9.6.2015
Background of Audience: Physicists

A talk on how to use Doxygen with our experiment’s software framework. Both a reminder as well as an introduction for new users. With (non-working) panda GIFs for additional cuteness.


Week #182+7

(Date: 1.6.2015 – 3.6.2015)
Another short week.
The following week is a PANDA week. Our second collaboration meeting this year1, this time in Uppsala in Sweden. Since I give two talks, I already started preparing them in the week prior to the current one.

The first talk presents the results from my analysis of the D meson decay of my thesis. It’s more or less the talk accompanying the release note I wrote. I redo some graphics and visualizations. I can probably reuse them during my defense talk.

The second talk focusses on Doxygen, the code documentation tool. It is great and easy and useful, but very much under-appreciated and under-used in our collaboration. I thought that it might make sense to remind people…

  1. Although I did not attend the first one. 

Week #182+6

(Date: 26.5.2015 – 29.5.2015)
While my friends go on a trip over the weekend, I decide to stay at home and learn. There’s just so much interesting stuff to learn!

On Wednesday, I continue with my analysis techniques meeting. The second part focusses more on connecting to a remote system, using SSH keys and the likes. Parts of the particle physicist’s toolkit. → The Slides
I will probably highlight a few individual parts in some dedicated postings in the future.

By the way, on Wednesday the public display period of my thesis in the institute in Bochum ends. My defense can come now!

Analysis with PandaRoot

Slides: 36
Duration: 150 Minutes
Occasion: Special Seminar Talk
Location: Institute für Kernphysik, FZJ
Date: 20./27.5.2015
Background of Audience: Physicists

I thought that after programming a lot during the final months of my thesis, it might be good to share the things I learned. The beginning is very PandaRoot-specific, while the end deviates it bit into the more general.


Week #182+5

(Date: 18.5.2015 – 22.5.2015)
My first meeting on analysis techniques is on Wednesday.

It’s about analysis with our experiment’s software framework and analysis with ROOT in general. Unfortunately, presenting the slides (with lots of interactivity) takes about two hours, which is the limit for the attendees. We’ll continue next week.1

Also, I start learning for my defense. I make a long list of topics I should relearn or start learning. Let’s see how far I will come.

  1. There, you’ll also find the slides. 

Week #182+4

(Date: 11.5.2015 – 13.5.2015)
A short week. I continue researching on Doxygen and prepare my talk on analysis techniques.

Week #182+3

(Date: 4.5.2015 – 8.5.2015)
This week has two items on my agenda.

First, I finish the analysis note and upload it to the collaboration’s document server. Initially, this doesn’t work and needs some back-end fixing from the administrator. But finally, everything’s alright.

Second, I read up on Doxygen, the code documentation tool, and start a page in our software wiki on it. During working on my thesis, I found the lack of code documentation really frustrating. The problem might be that people are fearful of using a documentation tool because they do not know how to handle it. Hence a tutorial on Doxygen. Let’s see if I can also hold a talk on that during the next collaboration meeting. I will surely talk as well about my analysis then.

During the institute’s meeting on Thursday we discuss the status of some analyses and I propose to meet up among all the people actually doing analysis. Meet up to discuss and exchange ideas. Let’s see how that goes. The responses were throughout the spectrum of »great« and »meh« and »hmmm«.