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Office Coffee Consumption

Starting Monday, I’m leaving the institute. No more physics, but computer science from now on. More on this later.

When we started here in the institute, we bought a coffee maker to prepare our cups of coffee. We also took note of every single cup of coffee we consumed. For my final day, I evaluated our coffee consumption.

Three people were the heavy hitters of the machine: André, Ludovico, and I. Ludovico joined in May of 2014, while André and I drank from March 2012.

The distribution of coffee consumption over time looks like this:
You can clearly spot the period in which André was working in Italy and was only in Jülich for a few days per month.

In total, the coffee machine made 2937 cups of coffee, of which André drank 1248, I drank 1177, and Ludovico drank 349. Guests drank the leftover 163 cups. André consumed about 190 g of caffeine.

The highscore for »most cups per month« is lead by André, who managed to drink 60 cups in July 2015; the final period of his thesis. This was apparently quite an intense month, as it also has the highest amount of total coffees consumed (137).

On average, we drank about 63 cups of coffee per month over the whole time the machine is here, of which André took in 28, I 27, Ludovico 8. Not accounting for the year in Italy, André had 38 cups a month. And counting only the time Ludovico is here, he drank about 20 cups per month.