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LaTeX Tips and Tricks for Particle Physicists

During the course of writing my thesis I spent quite some time into getting the \(\LaTeX\) stuff right. LaTeX is such a great language1, generating amazing output, and enabling so many cool typesetting possibilities. How could one not!?
I thought it would be nice sharing my meta-research with others. So I held a talk at my institute to show the most important packages and concepts, I drew on while writing my document.

It tackles writing units in LaTeX and writing particle names. It highlights a few other, smaller packages, but also introduces BibLaTeX and glossaries in more detail. The great engine that is latexmk is introduced as well. It is also the first presentation I did in LaTeX Beamer!

You probably want to use the PDF linked after the embed since you can click all the links easily there.

Local PDF

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LaTeX Package for a Nice PANDA with Bar on P

In my \(\LaTeX\) documents, I wanted to have nicely set PANDA names with the bar on top of the P.

Not so simple, though. I found the \overline to be too large, but the \bar to be too short. So I took to the great community that is StackExchange to find a solution. And, sure enough, someone was able to help me.
Based on egreg’s code, I assembled a proper LaTeX package1, making it more convenient for others to use as well.

Today, I gave the package a small Github repository.

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