PandaRoot in Eclipse (with SVN)

For using the software framework of our experiment in Eclipse IDE a little trick is needed.

I checked out PandaRoot to /fairsoft/pandaroot on my HDD. It is common to build it from another place, namely /fairsoft/buildPanda (or maybe /fairsoft/pandaroot/build/ as you like).
The documentation wants you to cmake and make from there.

With using Eclispe & SVN you have to rely on a special cmake feature (which btw also can create Xcode projects like this):

cd /fairsoft/buildPanda
cmake -G”Eclipse CDT4 – Unix Makefiles” -DECLIPSE_CDT4_GENERATE_SOURCE_PROJECT=TRUE ../pandaroot


All necessary make files are created and you can import the pandaroot and buildPanda directories as two seperate, “general” projects in your Ecplise workspace. Eclipse will handle the SVN stuff for you and you may build the project now.