Slides for Institute’s PhD Physics Seminar

Slides: 16
Duration: 60 Minutes (with intermediate discussions)
Location: FZ Jülich
Occasion: Institute’s PhD physics seminar (PhDs presenting some interesting physics topic to one another)
Background of Audience: Physics PhD grad students, some more fond in the topic, some worse

My turn at the PhD physics seminar. Every week we meet to present stuff to each other. A rough guideline is the hadron physics lecture of a professor of our institute.I start off with presenting the Wu experiment (because it came up last week). I continue with the weak decay of the pion (π+), which has some strange properties (also came up last week). After that I continue with the structure of the script: SU(3) flavor symmetry and its breaking.
Especially the last part was quite full of discussions and might have been better prepared by me. I did run out of preparation time – maybe without this it would have been better (but we’ll never know, I actually don’t have a clue about that topic).

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