Talk: GPU Online Tracking at DPG Dresden

Slides: 10
Duration: 12 Minutes
Occasion: DPG Frühjahrstagung 2013, HK Instrumentation 22.8
Location: TU Dresden, HSZ-405
Date: 4.3.2013
Background of Audience: Mixed, but mainly other instrumentationalists.

One central plot (slide 8) with some introduction before and some »others« afterwards. Was finished after 10 Minutes, I think (or something), as the Hough Transformation itself was already introduced by the previous talker.
Worked all quite well and I could answer all question sufficiently. Afterwards, though, I got feedback, that I might have been too sloppy. Too casual. In parts this is the style I chose, of course (look at the robots), but I guess due to general nervousness I might have said »stuff« and other stuff a bit more then usual – and more than the other talkers did. I have to find the right balance between »not being too dry« and »being too simplifying / jumpy«. Well, it’s a process.

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