Talk: Online Tracking on GPUs – Status

Slides: 13
Duration: 20 Minutes
Occasion: PANDA Collaboration Meeting 1-2013, Online Tracking Session
Location: The International Hotel, Dona Paula, Goa, India
Date: 12.3.2013
Background of Audience: PANDiAner, specifically tracking guys; but also a lot of people (especially new Indians) sitting in.

Extended and adapted talk of my DPG talk the previous week. Explained the tracking algorithm (Hough transform) a bit more and focussed on a problem of combining STT and MVD tracks. This problem is not unique to the GPU implementation but a internal “feature” of the algorithm. Because of that, a discussion with some other guys using HT and seeing this problem as well was initiated – although being without a definite result. Also presented some very preliminary results of the HT implementation(s) of our Application Lab colleagues.
Was delightfully surprised by the interest of the involved people.
(And this time I actively tried to stay more serious. (Although this strange microphone configuration really put me out of my flow.))

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