Week #76

(Date: 2.4.2013 – 5.4.2013)
First week back at work. After four weeks.
Let’s dance the business travel reimbursement dance!
By Wednesday I had handed in all necessary documents — let’s hope they are complete. I really made an effort in making them arranged clearly and nice and stuff.

I attend two online meetings, which both more or less suffer from poor connection quality of the online meeting tool SeeVogh (formerly EVO). It seems there’s some IRC-like netsplitting going on, on top of the usual Java madness. Great.

Aushang WohnheimBesides doing random stuff (and not actually programming anything new this week), I cared about my summer student. He’s going to arrive in mid of May and needs a place to stay. During my traveling weeks, some fellow research center PhD students, who also participate in the summer student program, and I exchange emails concerning the accommodation of the students. Someone finds out, that we may house them in a dormitory of the Studentenwerk Aachen in Jülich. There might be enough free rooms for the interns, but just to be sure, we should make a hangout about being willing to sublease some apartments during spring/summer season. I make the hangout, it’s on the right.
(Un)Fortunately, just in time, we get an email from our case worker, who says that enough rooms are there for all of our students and that we don’t need to sublease anything. Yay.

I also finish the registration process for a GPU workshop in Hamburg the week after next. I’m now a proud owner of a Probe BahnCard 25.

I start documenting all the Online Event Filtering work, which is going on in PANDA, on a page in the PandaRoot Wiki. I need some documentation for my stuff, as well as a basis for exchange with other guys having the same problems with the Hough Transform algorithm I have. Why not make a wiki page then?

To Do

I decided to start a To Do List, which I might continue losly in the next weeks. Let’s see how that turns out.

  • Hough Transform
    • Thrust Implementation
      • Complete STT implementation
      • Peakfinder
    • Application Lab Implementation
      • STT implementation
      • Differences of normal / shared / adaptive implementations
      • Peakfinder
        • Properties
    • GSI plain implementation
      • STT
    • Efficiency / Purity / Speed of all implementations
    • C++ / ROOT implementation for comparisons
  • GPU Stuff in PandaRoot
  • Triplet Finder
    • Plain
    • Thrust
  • Physics Case
  • Documentation @ Wiki
  • Riemann Track Finder
    • Offline improvements
    • Preparations for summer student
      • General ideas of parallelization
      • Papers
  • Design for Doktorandi
  • Summer Student (general stuff)
    • Registration form?
    • Internet access @ Housing / @ FZJ
    • FZJ access
    • Computer / + Account