Week #77

(Date: 8.4.2013 – 12.4.2013)
Again, it took me too long to report about this week. By now I forgot half of everything I did. Doh.

Things I did:

  • Cared about my summer student. He arrives in one month, and there’s still stuff to be done. The most important development: We found a home. The Studentenwerk Aachen lets the FZJ’s summer students sleep in their Jülich dorms. That’s cool.
  • Had a meeting with the Nvidia Application Lab. At our place this time. We spoke about everything they did up to now, and what would be some exciting stuff to look into in the future. They are willing to port a tracking algorithm we are developing in the institute to the GPU, provided they get a mini app. That’s good. On another occasion I spoke with one of the guys in private and went through is code. Those computer engineering guys have quite sophisticated code…
    And I form a plan on how to continue with my coding stuff. The essence: Tidy up, structurize.

That’s it, as far as I know, for the week.