Week #78

(Date: 14.4.2013 – 19.4.2013)
A week in which I haven’t been in the institute all too much.

On Sunday I travel to Hamburg. Monday and Tuesday there is a workshop on »GPUs in High Energy Physics« at DESY. It’s quite interesting (there will be a summary in next week’s posting). I get the feeling that every other experiment looking into GPUs is much further along as we are. But then a guy comes over and asks »I have the feeling that you in PANDA are quite far along.« Hm. I don’t know.
Anyway, there were so many impressions and ideas that came into my mind during that meeting — there’s so much to be done in PANDA for a lot of more people. But I’m only one, so its unfortunate that there’s going to be lots of stuff not done in the end. Opportunities not seized.

Wednesday I’m in the office, catching up on stuff and further organizing the stay of my summer student. Trying to get him an office and a computer, and sending his info to the secretary to pave the way for easier access to the Forschungszentrum premises.

Thursday and Friday there’s an »Advanced GPU Programming« workshop at the Supercomputer Center (the same guys who run the Nvidia Application Lab). Some lectures about special and a bit more complicated topics, as well as some hands-on sessions. The content ranges from boring, to mildly interesting, to great to know. So, all in all, I guess it was ok.