Week #79 (incl. small Talk)

(Date: 22.4.2013 – 26.4.2013)

Cleared some stuff about finances for my summer student this week. Much ado about nothing, as in the end everything is fine…

Already last week, a colleague and I discussed that some words we are using in PANDA are not sharply defined. We are talking to the best of our knowledge, but really don’t know if the person we are talking to really means the same with the vocabulary.
So we decide to define them. At least for Online Tracking and everything around it. And we even do more: we start with a flow chart of how one thing leads to another.
From the rough version we develop together, I start making a more beautiful one. With Inkscape.
It’s not really the best tool for making a flow chart, but at least I have all the freedom I need. And after setting some stuff up, I can work with it on my Mac fast.
The graph becomes more complete (and better) by every iteration — when it’s ready I will show it to you. In Thursday’s working group meeting it covers ca. 30 minutes of everyone’s time. Sorry about this.

Another 30 minutes in this meeting I need for my report on the GPU workshop in Hamburg. See the slides below.
I thought I need 15 minutes. In the end it were 25 minutes plus questions. It’s just all so interesting!