Week #80

(Date: 29.4.2013 – 30.4.2013, 2.5.2013 – 3.5.2013)
Divided week. So one with two Mondays and two Fridays. Not very good for my motivation.

What I forgot last week: Our PhD physics seminar went into its second round. Since we have a guy now joining from off-campus on a regular basis I decide to book the video conferencing room. And we use the DFN’s video conference (»webconference«) system, which is based on Adobe connect. As much as I hate Adobe for what they have done to the Internet with their Flash, this conferencing system is much better then any other system I’ve used up to now. Really looks good and practicable – and it works! Even capturing of meetings is possible.

The rest of the week is quite uneventful. I work on the computing flow model and for my summer student. Many small things to do.