Week #81

(Date: 6.5.2013 – 8.5.2013)
Another short week.

I finish the preparations for my summer student, who will arrive in Jülich on next week’s Tuesday. To get us advisors set, there’s a Webinar of the DAAD guys on Tuesday. Everything is clear to me, though, and there’s not much new information.
A good side effect of the meeting: I see that DFN’s new web conferencing tool (the one based on Adobe Connect, remember?) also works with ~100 participants. Good for my evil master plan (to implement that tool as the new default meeting tool at PANDA).

The rest of the days I decide to properly code a class for my Hough Transformation on CPUs. I probably should have done that earlier and not write the fifth custom implementation for that specific problem.
Since there’s so much going on at the moment, unfortunately progress in this class is slow.

Probably I also refine the computing flow model during this week.

On Monday there’s a PandaRoot Computing online meeting.