Week #83

(Date: 21.5.2013 – 24.5.2013)
Different stuff I can’t remember.

Probably some of these:

  • Work together with summer student on problem. Define tasks and goals for him.
  • Expand Computing Flow model.
  • Code more CPU Hough class.
  • Do other, time consuming but unimportant stuff.

I translate my old Riemann Track Finder Theory How To paper into English for my summer student. He corrects and expands it a bit. It’s now online as Notes on the Theory behind the Riemann Fit at the PANDA wiki. It’s part of my effort to document the different algorithms floating around the software framework.

On Friday, right at 14:45, there’s an online meeting on Online Event Filtering / Tracking and Algorithms. It lasts until 18:00, which is not a nice thing to start the weekend off on. But content-wise it’s very interesting to hear what the others are doing on a really similar topic of research in our collaboration. I spontaneously speak about our stuff in Jülich as well.