Week #84

(Date: 27.5.2013 – 28.5.2013)
Again a short week, but full-packed.

I help setting up the environment on the new Tesla machine at the Super Computing Center for a tracking algorithm (the Triplet Finder) to be (test-)ported from the initial CPU version to a GPU version. It means, compiling stuff and getting all paths right.
Unfortunately there are different problems during that — coming up this week and also the next weeks. But in the end we have a running version which can, in principle, be ported to CUDA.

Since my colleague with whom I work on the Computing Flow Chart is giving a presentation on some projects of his on Wednesday, I make some overtime (haha) converting the flow chart into slices to be used in a presentation. Unfortunately, he won’t use them on Wednesday. But it’s a good training for my talk on that topic at the next PANDA collaboration meeting in a few weeks.

On Tuesday I meet up with the other summer students as well as their advisors to get to know each other. Nice to see them. Previously I had sent around an email summarizing all the stuff I did for my summer student. They were fond of that.

On the 29th I take a day off to get my taxes done. What an ugly stuff this is… Taxes… Pah.