Week #85

(Date: 3.6.2013 – 7.6.2013)
Together with my summer student, I think about his project. About the steps, the different directions the implementation can take, and all the rest.

I start reading on how to set up CUDA with CMake.

I want to present our Online Data Flow chart at the next PANDA meeting. Since I’m asked for the duration (20 min) and title of my talk, we have to figure out how we want to call our flow model. Finally giving it a name — a proper one.
Aaannd (drum roll, please)… it is… Sketch of a Data Flow Concept.
It’s fine, I think. But let’s wait until the 17th of June, when there’s a short online meeting on that concept with the persons involved.

On Thursday and Friday there’s the last module of our PhD student’s soft skill program (»Doktorandenprogramm«). The topic this time is Career Planning.
On the first day we are methodically led to finding out what our different versions of future plans are (or might be). And we are advised on them, on what is possible, probable and recommended. A great, full-packed day with lots of stuff to digest concerning my future.
The Friday, though, was not that good. In a 25 minutes lasting 1:1 conversation with the trainer, we had the chance to ask some questions. I only had a few, so we had time to look over my last job application documents. They were quite alright, but had some potential for improvement. Though this was some nice information to get, it was a bit of a light day. I would liked to have a second day on the topic of the first day, so that all in all there was more time for discussion. That’s also what I feedbacked to the organizers.