Talk: Sketch of a Data Flow Concept

Slides: 10
Duration: 12 Minutes
Occasion: PANDA Collaboration Meeting 2-2013, Online + Software Trigger Session
Location: GSI Darmstadt
Date: 25.6.2013
Background of Audience: PANDiAner. Since it was in the main auditorium, also a bit broader then only trigger guys.

When I talked to my colleagues about some details of the online tracking, I wasn’t actually sure, what Online Trigger and terms in that sense mean. So I discussed it and, as it turns out, this was (up to our knowledge) never sharply defined. We end up making a data flow concept to summarize it. First in simple words in Powerpoint, than I use Inkscape to make a colorful flow chart from it.
We discuss it in our institute’s meeting and with some guys in charge of other parts of this flow chart.
The presentation runs reasonably well, although I should probably have taken the time to speak it through a second time. Also, I was a bit more nervous then usual.

The slides.
They concept will probably change soon and be subject to lots of editing, but since they are already online at another place, I don’t see a point in not posting them here.

After the talk one professor asks why »those Jülich guys start doing something totally (/[unnecessary]) new« and why we didn’t come to the meetings concerning the topic covered in the chart. What we think that we, out of the blue, start doing something like this? There is already something like this!, and how could we mind? And, anyway, the chart is wrong.
Yeah. Well.
After the session we had a few more discussions. Let’s see how that turns out in the long run. Anyhow, I should communicate better, attend the proper meetings, read the proper emails and, well, generally, do less wrong. At least the better communication part I can cover easily.

This was, officially, my first contact with in-experiment politics and disagreement. Although I didn’t like the position this put me in, at least it was interesting. I learned alot. It was also nice to see people standing behind me, when trying to argument with a much more experienced and superior person. But, enough meta.