Week #87

(Date: 17.6.2013 – 21.6.2013)
On Monday we online meet to discuss the data flow sketch. I use the Adobe Connect-based web conferencing tool by the DFN for that. After a few hiccups in a test a few days ago, the actual meeting works quite good. First test: successful.
Content-wise the meeting also was quite good. There were some corrections and changes, but all in all it was fine.

Tuesday my summer student and I talk to one guy from the App Lab. We have a few questions on how some things are best implemented in CUDA. And, generally, conceptual.
A great, but slightly exhausting meeting (it’s super warm this week). The guy helps us a lot. He even writes a summary of that meeting and seems willing to be involved into our stuff, again. Great.

The port of one of the algorithms he is doing is also more or less ready, but unfortunately the original, CPU ROOT version doesn’t run on the machine any more. After 20 minutes, the program tries to reference a NULL pointer and crashes. I have to find out why.

Wednesday and Thursday are free for me – vacation for a new kitchen. Yay.

Friday I finish up the data flow sketch. Missing, up to now, was the last stage of the flow (the Software Trigger). For this, I got some information from a colleague at GSI. It was in text form, so I convert it to the visualization style of my flow. I use the DFN webconf tool to show him some sketches. In the end, we have a first complete draft of the flow model. I send it around to the others who were involved in the discussion on Monday.
On Sunday I prepare my slides. There’s a bit of feedback on it, but nothing too serious.