Week #88

(Date: 24.6.2013 – 28.6.2013)
It’s PANDA Collaboration Meeting time! Second meeting this year, held at GSI.

My talk is on Tuesday (there will be a dedicated post concerning that). Around that, there are as usual lots of other talks – some more, some less interesting.
I find out, that there’s a person doing quite similar stuff with Hough Transforms, GPUs and Thrust as I did over the last year. He’s from another university in Germany. After being a bit set-off by this, I talk to the guy and show him, what I did up to now. We also plan to meet-up in the nearer future (1-2-3 weeks) to discuss on how to work closer (and better) together.

I said this probably already, but: More and more I get the feeling that a meeting like this is not just for sitting around confused. I more and more understand the stuff which is shown. I more and more get to know the people working in the experiment. And I more and more have some fruitful conversations inbetween meetings.
It’s just a threshold you have to overcome: First, the meetings are really for absorbing a confusing amount of information related to the topic. After a while, the amount of new input is lesser and you learn to distinguish between useful and nice to know. And then you find that you actually seem to get a glimpse of what’s happening around the collaboration, that you’re involved and can talk to people about stuff. Great.

On Wednesday we elect a Young PANDA Representative. They are suppose to represent the young scientists’ views in front of the official of the collaboration. I like the concept. We already hat some ideas of what to represent about. Elected were André and a PhD student from Mainz. Let’s see how good they are ;).

Thursday evening we leave the meeting to head home.
On Friday I try reinstalling PandaRoot (and stuff) on the Nvidia test computer at the JSC, but it fails due to some driver asymmetry between Nvidia and AMD (Do’h!). And I take care about the travel reimbursement, which this time is bit more messy, since my FZJ-unemployed summer student also came to the meeting for two days.