Talk: GPUs at High Energy Physics and PANDA

Slides: 21
Duration: 30 Minutes
Occasion: 1st NVIDIA Application Lab Workshop of the Jülich Supercomputing Centre
Location: Forschungszentrum Jülich
Date: 8.7.2013
Background of Audience: People, applying GPUs to their research. And some people presenting new stuff of the coding infrastructure for GPUs. So: Scientists, mixed sciences.

First 30 minute talk. Additionally I was quite tired (an exhausting weekend behind me). And could really have used a second talk-through (but 30 minute talk-throughs are really… long).
Buuut all went well. There were some interesting and involved questions after the talk. That’s good.
My »HEP recipe« got some grins, that’s good as well. Was supposed to be an ice breaker, in a way at least.

So, summarizing: It went well.

Generally the workshop was also interesting. To get to know the other people working with CUDA. And to get to know some new tools and theories for GPU computing.
I even made contact with a fellow GPU-using physicist from Dresden. Although involved with laser and plasma physics, we have some common ground. Maybe I’m going to be invited to present my stuff over there. Would be nice.

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