Week #90

(Date: 8.7.2013 – 12.7.2013)
The week starts off with the GPU Application Lab workshop. It was quite nice and informative. I wrote something about my talk (and then a bit more) at the corresponding posting.

I extend my CPU Hough transform with the possibility to manually choose the actual transforming function by using function pointers. Per default, the \(\rho = x \cdot \cos\left( \alpha \right) + y \cdot \sin\left( \alpha \right) \pm r_i\) function is chosen. While creating a class object or invoking it via an alternative options-providing constructor, you are able to set a external function, if you like.
There’s still one feature missing for this HT class: Make the transformation not with \(\alpha \in [0,180^{\circ})\), but with an arbitrary angle range. Additionally, the conformal mapping does not happen at the moment.

While extending my CPU HT class, I also work on CUDA+PandaRoot stuff.

At the end of the week I try to fix the alternative tracking algorithm (Triplet Finder) on Juhydra. It crashes with a zero pointer exception after running for ~18 Minutes. Unfortunately, the colleague who wrote the algorithm is not in this and the next week…