Week #92

(Date: 22.7.2013 – 26.7.2013)
On Monday at 10:00 there’s the PandaRoot Computing online meeting where I want to present my CUDA+PandaRoot stuff at. So, more or less one hour to prepare the slides (my PhD advisor is back for the first time in a month and we brainstorm around a bit about peak finding techniques). But I manage to get the presentation ready just in time, right down to the minute. I am able to even highlight my code syntax on the slides, yay.
The talk goes well, although there are only ten people listening in. Anyway, I upload my stuff to the SVN and write a post to the forum. Additionally, later I write a post about it here.

The colleague who programmed the Triplet Finder algorithm is back, and together with my advisor we fix the code on Juhydra. I think that’s happening on Wednesday. The order in which digi and reco files were added to the macro was wrong. And that did result in null pointers. Ok.
Unfortunately, the Triplet Finder-programming colleague is leaving the institute for good already on Wednesday of next week. Let’s see what becomes of the algorithm when there’s no one around being able to care about it full-time. Because, unfortunately, I can’t. I can do some debugging and helping out, but no complete code supervising and further developing…

Also, I write a first test of the multipeak finder but am not satisfied with the result. There’s brainmatter to be put into that problem.

I publish my FAIRprogress project and get even acknowledged by the official FAIR/GSI people. That’s good.

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    1. Andi Artikelautor

      I used http://tohtml.com/csharp/.
      Copy the right hand stuff and insert into Keynote. Every second of three times the color gets copied with. After that, though, I manually added some colors.
      And unfortunately Makefile syntax highlighting was not available anywhere, so I used some C++ stuff and added custom colors.

      This one looks also quite neat: http://markup.su/highlighter/

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