Week #93

(Date: 29.7.2013 – 2.8.2013)
The week starts off with me and two other colleagues trying to fix one of the Triplet Finder’s problems with the new PandaRoot version. We manage to find it. Yay.
Also, the originally authoring colleague of the algorithm checks in the files to the SVN. For that, he needs to get it running fully on the trunk version of PandaRoot. This is not that easy, but we manage. The reason for the checkin (I told you already…): The colleague is leaving the institute (even leaving physics!) and wants to set up the code for a future usage. Right in the last moments of his institute time we get a small tour through the different parts and methods of the code. It’s quite complicated.

At the beginning of the week I write some important and therefore not easy to formulate emails. One goes out to the US, one to a German professor. For both I’m yet to get some replies…

During the last part of the week I continue thinking about my multipeakfinder. This SOAB won’t perform the way I want it to. On Friday, with a burning sun heating up my office from the outside, I start looking into image processing books. Maybe I get some inspiration there?
We’ll see.

And I eat cake. Lot’s of cake.