Talk: CP Violation – Part I: History

Slides: 23
Duration: 35 Minutes
Occasion: Institute’s PhD student’s physics meeting
Location: Forschungszentrum Jülich
Date: 22.08.2013
Background of Audience: Physicists. PhD studenst. Different areas of specializations (sub-majors), though, as well as from different countries.

I find CP violation very interesting. So I took this topic for my talk. Unfortunately, the topic is really big and complex. So I was unable to present everything I wanted.
I start off with an historical approach (and the minimal amount of needed physics for it). The second (and third, and …) lecture then will be more theoretically oriented. (Hoping that I have understood the theory until then.)

Also, I wanted to bring a bit more color into the topic. And punk (it’s just other PhD students in the audience, so I think that’s alright).

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5 Gedanken zu „Talk: CP Violation – Part I: History

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  2. Andre

    “punk” or “pink”? :) Anyhow: the colours are to bright for my taste, or in other words “uargs!”. Especially the slide with the outlook to the theory lecture. But as you said, it is a closed audience, so it shouldn’t be a problem to fool around :)
    Also: are the big numbers for the year in the original font also distorted?

    Apart from that I’m sorry I couldn’t join, I really would have liked listening to the talk.

    1. Andi Artikelautor

      I actually like the colors :). They are bright, but IMHO it fits quite well.
      Distorted font: What do you mean? For me, also here in the embed, everything looks not distorted at all. But if you mean that they are too big for the slide, that is intentional, yes.

        1. Andi Artikelautor

          Ok, that’s bad. I thought that scribd would take care of this. But, on the other hand, that’s a good thing because it means scribd doesn’t fiddle too much with the content of the file.

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