Week #95

(Date: 19.8.2013 – 23.8.2013)
The weeks starts off on Monday with an early morning computing online meeting. There were some technical difficulties with the SeeVogh software. Again. I hope that at one point we finally switch to another online meeting system, like the DFN webconf tool.

The rest of the week I’m fully busy preparing my talk on CP violation. It’s really a broad topic with enough content for an entire semester-sized lecture. Especially when you take into account all the historically grown theories, complementing each other and having different grades of complexity.
So, pretty fast I notice that I’m not going to talk about the whole CP violation stuff but start from the beginning; with experiments which first demonstrated the existence of CP violation. From there, the theories start off and get more complicated with more CP violating channels found. I will care about that in the next (few) lecture(s).

That’s it.

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