Talk: GPU Tracking Activities at Jülich

Slides: 30
Duration: 35 Minutes (incl. 10 min overtime)
Occasion: PANDA Collaboration Meeting 3-2013, Tracking Software Session (both links are password protected)
Location: Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Date: 13.09.2013
Background of Audience: PANDAs. Fellow tracking algorithms developers. But also some other guys sitting in, since there was no real session parallel to this one.

The talk itself was good. I wanted to have a talk with everything in to summarize what we’re working on.
Unfortunately I didn’t test talk it, so I didn’t know how fast each part was down to the minute. So, in the end, it took me quite some more time then originally planned.
A few factors were responsible: Probably also for the audience, everything I presented was quite interesting — no one interrupted me when my time was over1. The session was very casually organized, but in the end quite fully-packed with talks. And the discussions directly afterwards were interesting but also a bit off-topic. And long.

I was not the only one taking over time. Every other talker during the session took their 5-10 minutes extra. A strange session it was.
Anyway: I hate people taking too long for their talks (especially that much). It won’t happen again for me. I promise!

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  1. When session conveners are too involved… 

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