Week #98

(Date: 9.9.2013 – 13.9.2013)
PANDA week. Meeting in Bochum.
Monday: Arriving and test-talking our talks. Quite a strange thing we did there. We just go quickly through everyones slides. There is next-to-no feedback to mine. Hmm.

On Tuesday I wanted to listen to the talks in the DAQ session. But unfortunately, the university lacks proper WiFi in their lecture rooms (as well as proper power supply). And since I have to finish up my talks, I am forced to leave the session and work in a WiFi-enabled seminar room. Don’t like that.
I create two ROOT macros (1|2) which break down PandaRoots simulation chain to the very basic necessary to have a complete, stand-alone example running for my CUDA+PandaRoot tutorial.

Wednesday is the horror day: First, some plenary talks. After that the tracking algorithms session which I start off with my overtimed talk. Then: Everyone else also takes too long. Instead of having a lunch break from 13:00 till 14:00 we end up having a fast food lunch break from 13:45 to 14:15. The next session starts at that point and, again, everything runs out of time and some talks even take 50% longer than they were scheduled for (not mine, though). A discussion of tracking algorithms was planned starting from 16:30. It doesn’t start until 18:00 because of the talks from before. At 18:50 we have to leave the lecture hall — and the discussion ends up being very short. The condensed result I put into our wiki.

Fortunately, at 19:00 the social activities start and we have a very nice and refreshing evening with the whole collaboration.

Thursday is also a bit busy but finally is alright. Our Young PANDA discussion is too short for me, but my train leaves already too early. Sadface.

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