Week #100

(Date: 23.9.2013 – 27.9.2013)
Wohow! Week 100. 100! Congratulations to me. How time passes. Maybe I will look back at the last 100 weeks in a dedicated posting. For now just: Wohow!

This week I did three things:

  • Experiment Beam Time. An experiment of our institute, a kind of pre-experiment for PANDA, has beam time at the local Jülich accelerator COSY. They need help and so I’m sitting there looking on screens for nothing to go wrong. Not much to do for me besides that, actually. Looking at the data acquisition and restarting it if it crashes. That’s it.
  • Preparing a Talk Proposal. I want to present my GPU research at a conference next year. For this, I need to submit my talk proposal. Abstract and description have to be written, summaries and documents assembled. Wish me luck for my proposal to succeed!
  • Prepare the Day of the Open Door. Sunday (29.9.) is a day of the open door at our research center. I volunteered to show some things we are doing at the institute. Tracking, of course. Together with a colleague I prepare some slides to explain the concept to non-scientists coming by on Sunday.

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