Week #102

(Date: 7.10.2013 – 11.10.2013)
Did random, varying stuff (which did not bring me any further with coding).

Most importantly, maybe: On Tuesday the Nobel Prize in Physics was announced. François Englert and Peter W. Higgs are the recipients. For their theory explaining »how particles acquire mass«, commonly known as the Higgs mechanism1.
Quite a huge deal, as finally the hot topic in particle physics gets recognized with this award.

  • Englert and Higgs are only a few of the researchers working on the spontaneous symmetry breaking. Poor others, but those are probably the two most important inventors. I guess.
  • CMS and ATLAS are mentioned prominently in the description of the Prize. A nice workaround, as Nobel Prizes in Physics can not be awarded to groups…
  • Again, theory! Due to the no group-constraint, particle physics will be long away from experimentalists getting Nobel Prizes. There’s no experiment anymore headed by a single or a couple of persons…
  • The Information for the Public (PDF) provides a good overview for Higgs beginners. Although I have yet to understand the order of the Standard Model puzzle pieces which make up the Universe puzzle piece in the illustration. Any suggestions? Mine is: Random.
  • The Scientific Background is more sciency (obviously), but jumps between levels of complexity of physics quite strangely. I’m not yet through, though.
  • Some additional links:

So, I’m reading up on the Higgs mechanism. And about history of the theory(/-ies). Quite interesting!

  1. Among others…