Week #105

(Date: 28.10.2013 – 31.10.2013)
I start the week with fixing different computer issues.
My institute’s workstation PC is working surprisingly fine after the update. Some small errors need fixing, but all in all it’s fine.
Also on my notebook I can finally compile the external packages with ROOT and stuff, since they start packaging a new, october 13, version – and I test. Unfortunately, the compilation with clang does not work for me. The gcc compilation works fine, though.

On Tuesday we have the last of three lectures of a professor in our PhD Physics Seminar. They were about Chiral perturbation theory, a low-energy QCD perturbation theory which assumes massless quarks and pions as mediating particles. I’m not really any wiser after the lecture, but maybe something of the abstract, theoretical calculating diffused into my brain and lets me see the (physics) world more clearly. Lets see.

During the rest of the week I attend meetings and continue on my multipeak finder project.