Week #112

(Date: 9.12.2013 – 13.12.2013)
PANDA week! Many discussions, as usual.

We have to be there (at Darmstadt) on Monday morning at 9:00. This means: Leaving home at 5:30. Yeah. That’s early.

The tracking discussion on Wednesday is quite good. I don’t show any presentation myself since a colleague from the Supercomputing Centre is joining us to show their work.
On Friday we have a really cool ›Introduction to PANDA‹ session. I liked it a lot. I also showed some slides about the MVD (in which I finally was able to include some memes!).

All in all a good, but very stressful week.

On Thursday we get the good news that the paper deadline has been extended. New submission date is now 15. January. One more month. A relief.

Also, on Monday morning I get notice that my talk for the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose (close to San Francisco) next year is accepted. Yay! I’m going to San Francisco. I repeat: I • am • go•ing •• to • San • Fran•cisco. If I should put some flowers in my hair?