Week #116

(Date: 6.1.2014 – 10.1.2014)
The last whole week to work on our paper. There’s some stuff left to do. Some formulation needed to be done right: From a technically right, a sounding right, but also from a politically right perspective.

On Monday, an email flies into my inbox: There’s going to be a PANDA workshop, also including online event filtering, starting on 31. May. Close to Frankfurt. Funny, because just at this day I’m landing at Frankfurt Airport back from the US. One hour before the workshop begins. So, after coming SF, I’m directly going to the next scientist meetup. Yay.

Also, my professor asks me if I am able to make a poster for an evaluation of our institute’s budget request. Of course I am able, as it’s only due in February. But, as it turns out, there should be a draft ready on next week’s Wednesday — the same date our paper has to be finished.

If that was not enough, on next Monday I have a slot in the computing online meeting to show a small introduction into Git. During the last collaboration meeting we found out that more and more tools our experiment is using are switching from SVN to Git. And some of the attending computing guys didn’t know what Git was. So I offered to explain.

Since this week is 90% for editing the paper to a submittable version, the next weekend is going to be one full of work…