Week #117

(Date: 13.1.2014 – 17.1.2014)
The previous weekend was quite busy. I oet corrections from my professor for the paper. And I prepared the talk for Monday morning.

The talk goes quite well. Let’s see what comes out of it. For the time being, PandaRoot will stick to SVN I think.

As for the paper: There are some more corrections, some sentences in need of finalization. On Wednesday we check it in (with some last-minute corrections). Yay! Funny: Just after check-in, the submission deadline gets extended until the end of the month. But I don’t think we will change anything.

On Tuesday I take the whole day to edit my poster. Thanks to André’s work, I don’t have to take too much time on creating a template for Scribus, which is an Open Source page layouting tool I like to try out.
Just in time, I have a preliminary version of the poster ready on Wednesday morning. The working group’s evaluations says: Too much text, too few structure. So I need to change some things. That’s ok, I intentionally included too much info for the draft version, to clear up in my head what I wanted to say in the poster.

During the rest of the week I continue the work on the poster and do stuff, which has been lying around for the last couple of weeks.
Also, I find out that I’m expected to go to Karlsruhe twice in the next month. There go my 30 working days until the beginning of April…