Week #122

(Date: 17.2.2014 – 21.2.2014)
Monday Morning. Bus trip to Karlsruhe. The Promised Day has finally arrived. The PoF 3 evaluation takes place.

The exciting day for us PhD students is on Tuesday. We get to present our research posters in front of the evaluators. During lunch (people call it working lunch) the established scientists make rounds among ~30 posters and ask about our topics, about our support in the research centers, and about our career plans. It is much more relaxed than some of us thought. The referees I talked to were very nice, interested in my stuff and not at all pressing on some potentially difficult questions. Nice.

After a short, closed session, where I finally was able to grab something to eat, the Talent Management Session takes place. The introductory talk, giving an overview what the research centers are doing for young talents of different ages and at different stages in their careers, takes quite long. There are some intermediate questions by the referees leading to extensive discussions on the topic. With the session having actually only five more minutes in the time slot left, we come to the part where the young talents (amongst: me) should present themselves. 2.5 minutes, free-spoken without anything shown on screen (there is a printed slide on everyone in the binders, though). Want to take a guess who has to go first? Yep, right: me. So, speaking in front of 50 people from all the research institute in Germany and in front of 5 referees, I tell what I find most interesting in terms of support of my PhD through the FZ. Interesting, and quite something else to talk like this with more or less ready-made sentence (you know: only two point five minutes, so every sentence was trained well (and bluntly changed in the heat of the moment, yay me)).
Hearing what the other attendees said, I guess what I said was alright.

After the session the referees spontaneously convened a session for all the young researchers to exchange some opinions with them. Quite cool, because, again, we found out that those people in formal dresses were in their heart also scientists and young once.
Unfortunately my taxi came quite soon and I had to leave to the train station.

That was my experience: Getting money for the powers that be. Interesting. But quite a lot of work and I’m so glad it’s done. But an experience nevertheless.

On Wednesday I finally tackle my NVIDIA talk. Just a short reminder: On the 26th of April I will hold a talk on the current status of GPU Online Tracking at PANDA at the GPU Technology Conference.
And on this Wednesday I have to hand in a first draft for this talk. I copy together slides from old talks and create the structure for the actual talk by combining them with pink and orange placeholders of what should be there. Quite an interesting way to work like this. I send my PDF (including placeholders) to NVIDIA, being slightly ashamed of what I ask of other people to work through. But: I actually don’t know if anyone will have a look at it at all, it’s only a draft!, and I had no time. So, that’s the best I can do.

During the rest of the week I work on producing graphics for my talk.