Week #123

(Date: 24.2.2014 – 28.2.2014)
I wanted to use this week to work on my NVIDIA presentation, read a bit about the new physics case and continue programming my Hough transform.
Wanted, because during the weekend, I got quite a serious cold and needed to stay in bed on Monday morning. The online computing call I attend from my couch, as this fracking online conferencing software is not running on my Mac, but running on the Ubuntu of my home server in the living room… Yay, Java.
Being ill continued the whole week. So, for a first time, I was a whole week ill out of office, with one of those yellow sick notes from the doctor’s.

(And if this wasn’t enough, while feeling better on Friday afternoon and trying to restock on water bottles, I mis-lifted the boxes somehow and ended up with pain in my lower back. Being unable to sit properly and hurting with every step and move. Booh.)

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