Week #124

(Date: 4.3.2014 – 7.3.2014)
On Monday it’s Rosemonday, the carnival monday in Germany1. A free day2.
But on Tuesday I am finally back in office, full of energy (and back pain) to work on my presentation. Actually: Plural. Presentations. Because, come next Monday, I won’t be back in the office for another month and during that time there will be two talks.
One at the meeting of the German Physical Society (DPG, Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft) and one, as mentioned, at the GPU Tech Conference.
Deadline: This Thursday and/or Friday, as we are going to hold a lot of test talks on those dates (everyone is presenting at DPG).

Luckily, I am able to postpone my test talk to the Friday date to have the Thursday afternoon to continue work on the presentations. The GPU Tech one is the more elaborate one, the DPG presentation is going to be a condensed-down GTC version.
Somehow (a miracle!), I manage to have versions of my talk ready with just a couple of placeholders left at Friday. Lucky me.
As we run out of time at the test talk slot I don’t test my DPG talk3 but only my GTC talk. This is running quite well, though.

  1. Boring. 

  2. Not boring. 

  3. I should’ve tested it. I should’ve tested it.