Week #125

(Date: 10.3.2014 – 14.3.2014)
Ladies and Gentlemen: It’s PANDA week again!
2001 scientists invading Darmstadt-Wixhausen. A lot of discussions are going on about the status of our experiment. Quite interesting. And since the most relevant discussion happens on Friday morning, I have to stay until the very last day. On the (small) plus side I am able to go back home by train with the high-speed ICE from Frankfurt Flughafen to Aachen. 90 Minutes, instead of 180-or-so.

During the PANDA week there are a few interesting things I want to note.

  • In the tracking session a colleague shows his approach on peak finding. He is walking the mountains in the 3D histogram; running the Hough Transform modified a second time. It’s intriguing and I have to test it out. The short implementation I manage to write in between session was not too good, though. But, maybe/hopefully, I made a mistake?
  • The Young Scientists really takes off. We are meeting up with each other to discuss what the experiment can do for us (lobbying, if you want); we are holding a session, open to everyone, where we are explaining parts of the experiment on an introductory level (PANDA for Dummies); and, new this time, we meet up to have pizza, beer, and (video)games. Quite a cool evening with lots of nice people.
  • The important Friday session, for which I stayed late, was not too fruitful. Content-wise I don’t feel comfortable to disclose its content. Let’s, for the time being, just call this PANDA sub-project SCRU. So, during the Friday SCRU session only very basic things got decided, which I found clear beforehand. Nothing practical came out of it where my skills are of immanent need. Alright.

No talk during the PANDA meeting for me, this time. Too busy preparing for the next two meeting next week and the one after that.

  1. Was it 250? Or 150?