Week #126

(Date: 17.3.2014 – 21.3.2014)
11:00. Aachen Main Station. André and Andi en route to Frankfurt Main Station. To the DPG Spring Convention (Frühjahrstagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft, which is a great thing aside from it’s schizophrenic non-commitment wether it wants to be an international (English-speaking) or German conference).
En route with the 90 minutes high-speed ICE (stopping only in Cologne and Frankfurt Airport), sitting on the very first place behind the train driver. Good view!
En route with a quite big suitcase. The reason: I’m not coming home for 17 days! Next week is the GPU Technology Conference in San José, CA. My flight goes early morning on Saturday. And since I have my DPG talk on Friday afternoon, it doesn’t make sense to go back home for a few hours on Friday evening. So, I stay at Frankfurt.

The DPG itself is a so/so conference: Lot’s of stuff which is totally uninteresting; lot’s of stuff which you don’t understand; lot’s of stuff which you listen to by diffusion; lot’s of stuff you’re amazed with someone is researching in; some stuff, you actually know and find interesting.
Embedded in an 1940s looking German university, embedded in an American-looking city. Strange.

But with all its quirks, the DPG is great to socialize with people. E.g., there’s a concert by a band in an old church building. Lot’s of fun and leading to a late night ending with drinks in our hotel rooms (which is not too nice, as the hotel is quite basic, but has free beer from the mini bar).

My talk runs well, I’m able to answer all the question, all the while I’m quite nervous at the beginning. I was not feeling comfortable with explaining the three algorithms I show in 12 minutes. It’s hard and I didn’t know what to leave away. As soon as I come to the last algorithm, though, and have a look at the clock, everything’s well.
I should have test-talked (more properly at least).