Week #129

(Date: 7.4.2014 – 11.4.2014)
The first full week back at the office.
The task, being top of my to do list from now on: My physics case. Analyzing a physics channel1. Which channel exactly is at this point still a bit undecided. But exact enough to get me started to have a look at the tools and code.

On Monday morning, there’s an online computing meeting, where we talk a bit about the current status of the analyses. During the rest of the week, we have some more online meetings on the different physics flavors with the working groups taking care of the physics sub-topics.

Tuesday we travel to our university in Bochum.
During the last few weeks (/months) I organized a lecture we can listen to. We still need to attend one more lecture to fit the needs of the Prüfungsordnung (exam regulations).
We attend a lecture called »Introduction to Neutrino Astrophysics«, a theory lecture on astrophysical neutrinos. Sounds intriguing, especially after the first, introductory lecture this Tuesday. Looking forward to it!

The rest of the week I continue working on my physics channel, talk about the next GPU cards we’re buying for the institute, try to fix PandaRoot installations on my Mac, and take care of other random stuff.

  1. In the context of the internal SCRU project (dubbed so by me).