Week #133

(Date: 5.5.2014 – 9.5.2014)
I have to hand in drafts of two talks I’m going to hold next week. By Wednesday morning I have the first one ready, by Thursday morning the second one. Actually, there’s not too much to do on the talks, as they are just a mixture of the GTC talk with a few specialized slides from some other talks. But also this takes time… Luckily I recover from a self-induced computer crash just in time on Tuesday evening to ready my slides.

Also, at the beginning of the week, a book I ordered at the library comes into my postbox. »Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory«. I read about it on reddit, where it was in a list of introductory books recommended by some guy. I sounded, and still sounds after reading a few chapters, very good. The author chooses length and repetition over academically elegant shortness. I like that. And, although being a theory book, still like reading it. Here’s the (colorful) website: http://quantumfieldtheory.info/