Talk: Enabling the Next Generation of Particle Physics Experiments: GPUs for Online Track Reconstruction

Slides: 38
Duration: 25 Minutes
Occasion: Dresden CUDA Center of Excellence‘s Workshop on Fast Data Processing on GPUs
Location: TU Dresden, Germany
Date: 15.5.2014
Background of Audience: Computer scientists, GPU enthusiasts

As you can guess form the title of the talk, it was exactly the same talk as I held at the GPU Tech Conference. Go over there to look at the slides.
The only thing new: My part for the »Bring your own GPU challenge« session. In the PDF, after the Thank You slide, you find some Hough spaces where I explained my challenge of finding peaks in a parallel fashion. More to that in the week’s review post.

My talk was good, the workshop as well. Unfortunately the last two talks were cancelled and I had to wait more than five ours until my flight would leave :(.