Week #136

(Date: 26.5.2014 – 28.5.2014)
A short week (Thursday and Friday are free).
We meet up with the colleagues from the Supercomputing Centre and make plans on what to do with the Triplet Finder algorithm in the next months. We do this, because on Saturday we have to hand in an abstract for the »GPU Computing in High Energy Physics« workshop in Pisa in September.
During the week I assemble the text1. When showing it to my supervisor, he suggests my new colleague should also present something. So: He’s doing a poster there. To write an abstract for this as well, we meet up digitally Thursday and write a second abstract together. Everything works out alright, we submit our abstracts, and I can go camping on time on Friday afternoon.

The rest of the week I spend further programming my physics analysis. I spend a lot of time figuring out how analyses are supposed to work at our software framework. And I spend probably even more time on trying to get everything as automatic as possible and as good-looking as possible. My idea: The more I do at an early stage of producing graphs, the easier it is for the later plots. Let’s see how that turns out.

  1. This takes, every time, longer than expected. Grrr.