Week #137

(Date: 2.6.2014 – 6.6.2014)
At the end of last week, we get notice that there’s going to be a poster session for the physics PhD students at our university. On Friday. Next week. Luckily at 16:00, so we have some time to get home from the PANDA week (which is as well next week), change to private cars and drive to Bochum. Yay.

So, this week I’m not only preparing for my talk about my physics analysis next week at the collaboration meeting, but also a poster for Friday.

The poster I design in Scribus again and essentially take the stuff I did for the POF poster last time over to a FZJ design. To don’t screw up the defined styles in Scribus, this means redrawing the poster entirely under the new template. Additionally I make some small improvements here and there.

On our working group meeting at the institute on Wednesday I show some slides about trying to understand the Monte Carlo generator (Pythia). My colleague found out that my analysis decay channel is included with proper resonance intermediate states in Pythia (in contrast to just plain phase-space strict decay without any internal structure). Cool! But of course I want to find out what that means for the stuff I already did.