Week #138

(Date: 10.6.2014 – 13.6.2014)
On Saturday and Monday (which was originally a free day) I implement the Wednesday-discussed ideas for my code and continue further in my proper decay channel analysis (just to remind you: \(\bar{p}p \to D^+ D^- \to K^- \pi^+ \pi^+ \ \ K^+ \pi^- \pi^-\)).

Tuesday we go to Darmstadt – it’s collaboration meeting time again. Yay!
My talk is scheduled for Wednesday, so there’s still a whole day left to work on stuff. Which I desperately need . After discussing with my supervisors if I should present at all (yes), I have my code quite well prepared to produce nice plots in a matter of minutes. Cool. I use Wednesday morning to click together a 20-or-something paged talk (usual password). The talk itself turned out alright, but it was really not too much content. But at least I did show to the collaboration that I’m working on that stuff.

After some heavy hay-fevered collaboration days we go to our university in Bochum to discuss research projects of other physics PhD candidates at a poster session. My poster.
Not an encouraging time at Friday afternoon, not an encouraging date after a whole week of exhausting collaboration meeting. Well, what can you do…