Week #140

(Date: 23.6.2014 – 27.6.2014)
After some comments on my comparison of analysis techniques, I finish up the document on »NTuple Analysis with ROOT« and post an excerpt / summary into our forum. Despite having nearly 1000 views, there’s not one single comment on it (as of writing this). So, it’s probably not that interesting for the rest of the collaboration. Well.
My summary document got a lot bigger than expected. And also a lot more extensive than expected. But, even without any success in helping others with it, I consider it worthwhile as I have learned a lot about ROOT’s tree structure and analyzing them efficiently. Yay.

I find out that our Triplet Finder paper is already published. In CC-licensed Open Access even!
So, with much pride, I present the first paper where I actually took a significant part in writing. »Triplet Finder: On the Way to Triggerless Online Reconstruction with GPUs for the PANDA Experiment« (DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2014.05.011). The proceedings of a talk a colleague from the Supercomputing Centre gave in Australia a few weeks ago.

To be able to place notes and already produced graphs into my thesis, I decide to finish up a LaTeX document I want to use for my thesis. Quite some time ago, André and me already created a LaTeX-Template with some useful packages included and features configured neatly. I use this to start of with.
Also, I read much about writing units, variables and constants properly. I note it down with a blogpost here, André also read into something.